Appraisals - Reflect, Plan and Develop

We think it’s important to provide a working environment that allows our staff to fulfil their roles effectively.

This means regular checks on work priorities and career development, usually through our Appraisal - Reflect, Plan, Develop (RPD) -framework.

Appraisal (RPD) at Kent

Reflect, Plan, Develop is a versatile framework, supported by guidance documents, forms and information.

It focuses on the conversations between a member of staff (reviewee) and his/her manager (reviewer), and connecting your role with the University’s vision, department/school objectives and development opportunities.

 It is a three-stage process:

  • preparation
  • conversation
  • follow-up

The key is its flexibility; enabling you to choose objectives and a development plan that are relevant and achievable.

You may already be having conversations which capture this information - we encourage you to use this framework in a way that works best for you.

Our Appraisal (RPD) website will help you prepare for your conversations as both a reviewee and reviewer. 

More advice and guidance on preparing your RPD

Performance review

We are committed to ensuring that staff have and/or acquire the skills, knowledge and experience needed for their day-to-day role.

Our aim is to help staff improve their performance and agree ways of improving and sustaining a satisfactory level of performance through appropriate support, training and target setting.

Find out more about performance review

Training sessions

Appraisal (RPD) training sessions, run by our Learning and Organisational Development team, are designed to help you prepare for your Appraisal (RPD) conversations. The sessions also make clear the roles and responsibilities of both reviewer and reviewee.

The training, which lasts up to three hours, focuses on how you can get the best from Appraisal (RPD), including:

  • Overview of the Appraisal (RPD) framework: objectives and principles
  • The Appraisal (RPD) cycle
  • Appraisal (RPD) documentation available
  • How to have a constructive conversation
  • Preparing for Appraisal (RPD)
  • The three parts of Appraisal (RPD): process and skills
  • Follow-up and next steps.
Visit the 'Training' section

Job shadowing

A key focus of Appraisal (RPD) is identifying and exploring an individuals career development. 

Job shadowing allows individuals to find out how other staff work and understand the different roles within the University.

See the 'How to' -practical consideration guidelines.

Central Development funding

Schools/Departments can apply to the Central Development Fund (CDF) each month for funding to support the development of staff within their roles and/or the aims of the school/department.

Funding can be used for:

  • training courses
  • conferences.

Full guidance relating to identifying development opportunities and applications to the CDF can be found in both our guides.

Staff Fee Remission

Staff who are studying for a part-time degree at Kent, and meet the outlined eligibility criteria, can apply for a staff fee remission each year.

Find out more on Staff Fee Remission