Find out about different types of leave, from annual holiday leave to study leave, family-friendly leave, sick and special leave.

Annual leave

Booking your leave

Contact your line manager or head of admin in your school/department to find out how to book your leave.

Leave entitlement

Academic staff

There are no prescribed hours for academic staff    

Professional services and support staff

Use our holiday calculators to work out your leave entitlement if you are Grade 1-7+ or a Research Assistant, working full-time, part-time or set hours.

Calculate your remaining leave

Career break

We recognise that staff may need a period of time away from work, for a variety of reasons. 

Our Career Break Policy supports our commitment to work-life balance and also enhances our capability to recruit and retain staff.

Find out more about work-life balance

Study leave and academic absence

Find out whether you qualify for study leave or academic absence and how to apply.

Academic staff can apply for leave for a temporary appointment elsewhere, approved work outside the University or study leave funded by an external body.    

Maternity leave

We have developed a policy and procedure to set out the provisions and rights for expectant and new mothers. We have also produced guidance for staff and managers to step you both through the process.

Find out more about maternity leave

Paternity leave

We have developed a policy and procedure to set out the provisions and rights for members of staff whose partner is pregnant, or has been notified of a match for adoption and is the secondary adopter. 

Find out more about paternity leave

Adoption leave

We have developed a policy and procedure to set out the provisions and rights for staff who are newly adopting a child, including the relevant guidance and forms to inform the University of intent to take adoption leave.

Find out more about adoption leave

Parental leave

18 weeks' unpaid leave is available for staff who have a child aged under 18.

Find out more about parental leave

Shared parental leave

Shared Parental Leave allows a mother/primary adopter to share part of their maternity/adoption leave and pay with their partner/secondary adopter/child's father. 

This allows you both more flexibility in deciding who will care for your child in the first year following the birth/adoption. 

We have developed a policy and procedure to explain this type of leave and guidance for you and your manager. 

Find out more about shared parental leave

Leave for public service

We offer special leave for public service, including volunteering, Jury Service and appearing as a witness, and for members of the Territorial Army and Reserve Forces.

Managing sickness absence

Kent is a caring employer and provides considerable support to all staff in times of sickness and personal difficulties.

Support is provided for heads of schools/departments, and those responsible for staff, on managing colleagues who are absent due to illness.

Support for terminal illness

Kent has a long-standing practice of doing its utmost to support staff who are terminally ill. 

We all recognise the vital role that work can play in establishing some normality, security and social support when colleagues and their families have to face challenges and difficult decisions during this time.

Special leave

Kent is able to offer special leave covering, for example, compassionate reasons, emergency/domestic situations, caring for dependants, medical purposes and observing religious holidays.